Traditional Breeds Show and Sale Melton Mowbray Sept 13th/14th


Melton Mowbray
Traditional Native Breeds
National Show & Sale
13th & 14th September 2019

Copies of the catalogue General Information and sections for each breed are now available to download from www.grassroots.co.uk/melton.html

Printed catalogues will be available direct from the auctioneers, before the sale.
The 2019 National Show and Sale of Traditional and Native Breeds on 13th & 14th September  looks like it is going to be another exciting event.

This year sees a consignment of almost 100 cattle from  ten different breeds including the dispersal of a large herd of White Parks, the largest auction sale of Shetland cattle for many years, both coming from the Isle of Mann.  The pig and Goat sections are strong with an especially exciting offering of rare  British Lop blood lines.  The sheep section has almost 1000 animals from 25 different breeds.  We are particularly delighted to welcome to Hampshire Downs for the first time in 2019.

With the uncertainly of Brexit looming and a growing public awareness of the environmental impact of intensive livestock production, our Native and Traditional breeds provide a real alternative in the form of thrifty, outdoor, locally reared, grass fed, long lived flocks and herds.     
We have 10 breeds of cattle represented, which includes a significant number of White Park, British White, Shetland and Dexter, as well as good representations of Red Polls, Gloucesters and Traditional Hereford.  there is a Longhorn bull and for the first time the rare chance to purchase a Kerry cow with a heifer calf at foot.

The pigs include 8 of our native breeds, once again featuring the National British Lop Society Show and Sale.

We have almost 25 goats representing both the Bagot and Golden Guernsey breeds and the poultry section will be bursting with variety and choice.


Once again we have almost 1000 sheep,  with 26 breeds represented,    many in significant numbers, providing an ideal opportunity for new buyers to select unrelated foundation stock, and existing flock owner to find unrelated rams or replenish or increase their flocks.

There is both an MV accredited section and a small number of MV Accredited and Scrapie Monitored Shropshire and Hampshire Downs who will be sold in their pens.

This event is a real celebration of the diversity of British Livestock Breeds and a fantastic opportunity to refresh blood lines or select a new breed.  In fact a breed to suit every type of farm  from :

  • small, primitive, naturally coloured, wool shedding breeds like the Castlemilk Moorit, North Ronaldsay, Boreray, Soay and fine wooled multicoloured Shetlands who are holding their National Show and sale at Melton this year
  • the multihorned  Hebridean and Manx
  • hardy  dam breeds like the Norfolk Horn, Portland, Kerry Hill, Llanwenog, Jacob and Border Leicester
  • magnificent longwools including the Teeswater, Leicester, Lincoln, Wensleydale
  • traditional terminal sire breeds including the mighty Oxford Downs, Shropshire, Ryelands, Southdowns and for the first time this year the Hampshire Downs.
  • regional breeds including the Whiteface and Greyfaced Dartmoor the Whitefaced Woodlands and British Gallway
 A big thank you to all the breed secretaries, volunteer stewards, inspectors, judges and members, who make this event possible, and are on hand to help advise and encourage new buyers.

Please do take every opportunity to promote the event, which is run by, and on behalf of, the participating breed societies.

Buffet Party tickets are available direct from the auctioneers. There will a bit of dancing, and time to really catch up with friends, old and new.

We look forward to seeing you at Melton.
Best wishes
Libby Henson and the team at Grassroots Systems Ltd.
PO Box 251, Exeter. EX2 8WX.  Libby@grassroots.co.uk