Great article about the Lost Flock Boreray sheep in Orkney

Great article about the Lost Flock Boreray sheep in Orkney, but also about Boreray sheep throughout the UK since the genetic study showing that Boreray sheep are almost pure “extinct” Dunface of course applies to ALL Boreray sheep – primarily those of registered lines and therefore guaranteed provenance.
I’ve also been getting, as a result of publicity around the Lost Flock book, emails and phone calls from farmers & crofters in Scotland interested in keeping Boreray sheep. They are now a larger part of Scotland’s story so the market for their meat has increased up here.
We don’t have any spare sheep to sell here in Orkney so I direct them to the Society website and to this group as good places to post that they are wanting to buy Boreray sheep.
So those of you with spare breeding stock, and possibly spare young wethers you want to sell, look out for posts here and on the website. Most of the interest is in keeping them for mutton, but there has also been mention of hogget. No mention of lamb yet, which isn’t really feasible on Highland/Island farms, but Lyn Arrowsmith is an expert on meat products from younger Boreray sheep.