Gransden Show

Gransden and District Agricultural Society Show, Caxton Road, Great Gransden, Sandy SG19 3AH – Saturday, 28th September – closing date 7th September.


This year we have our own Soay and Boreray classes, so please support them.

An entry form has been included with the Soay and Boreray Society newsletter, which has just come out. Or you can enter online – https://gransdenshow.org.uk/GDASExhibitors/index.html?fbclid=IwAR2xj1bR0MAFgW9GFGj15o6o_W-0GIBFDM1Y1pkhEBX7g2FgCOHlVE7k2Ew#categories/35

– follow the link to ‘browse show schedule of classes’, ‘livestock’ and then ‘Soay and Boreray Society’. You then need to register to enter.